ice cream is important

‘In April I went to Thisseion, in Agora. We walked around a lot with my godmother. We ate ice-cream. My godmother had an ice cream in a cone. I couldn’t decide what ice cream to choose. But in the end I chose a Strawberry popsicle. And so my day ended, but before it did I went to Acropolis which had a great view. It had many rocks too, some of which were coloured and very slippery. Acropolis is important because it reminds me of Athens and of the old Acropolis. Ice cream is important because it’s super and children ask their mothers for ice-creams. These pictures make me feel nice.’

Georgina’s photo-story, created at the Connectors Study children’s workshop, as presented in the article Touching heritage: embodied politics in children’s photography by Christos Varvantakis & Sevasti-Melissa Nolas [Varvantakis, C., & Nolas, S.-M. (2021). Touching heritage: embodied politics in children’s photography. Visual Communication]

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