Ottoman inscription on an architectural fragment from the Erechtheion, 30-10-2007 [Photo: F.I.].



  yannis1 wrote @

For me, this object is one of the most important material traces to be seen and to be found today on the Acropolis. An ancient architectural fragment from the Erechteion with an 1805 Ottoman Turkish inscription. I have discussed the importance of this piece in a number of texts and presentations (e.g. The Nation and its Ruins, p. 98-99), and I return to it, time and again (Fotis’s photo is much better than I one I have used). It is not just the evocation of the multi-cultural biography of the place that is at stake here. Moreover, this object forces us to reflect on materiality, and the co-existence of different temporalities. How many visitors have noticed this piece? How can we make this central to any alternative tour? I have suggested in various presentations that this piece should be exhibited prominently in the New Acropolis Museum….
Yannis Hamilakis

  yannis1 wrote @

who is the “translator” here and what does she “translate”?

  fotisif wrote @

Actually, the most fitting title for this post would be ‘no translation’, or even better, ‘no need for translation’. And this title would comment the ‘official’ disinterest on highlighting the neglected biographical fragments of the acropolis-site, but also ‘our’ view: I have the feeling that ‘we’ do no need any translation to pinpoint the multicultural biography of the acropolis but instead we stick to the fact that this inscription is in ottoman turkish, therefore ‘alien’.

  yannis1 wrote @

Another name for this piece: “NAM (=New Acropolis Museum) no 1”

  Rodrigo Campos wrote @

nice shot…and what this say???

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