Propylaea, 28-07-2008 [Photo: F.I.].


  Παναγιώτης wrote @

Αχχχ… Σκυλίσια ζωή!
Το έθνος των σκύλων αδιαφορεί για τα τουριστικά μεγαλεία παρ’ ότι θα μπορούσε κι αυτό να διεκδικίσει τις δάφνες του παρεθόντος.Αχχχ… Σκυλίσια ζωή!
Το έθνος των σκύλων αδιαφορεί για τα αρχαία μεγαλεία παρ’ ότι θα μπορούσε κι αυτό να διεκδικήσει τις δάφνες του παρελθόντος. Σίγουρα οι πρόγονοι αυτού του αξιοζήλευτου τεμπελάκου άραζαν ανα τις εποχές γύρω και πάνω στον βράχο της ακρόπολης. Αλλά ας κρατήσουν οι άνθρωποι τη δόξα μιας και για τον τετράποδο φίλο το μεγαλείο του ύπνου στον ήλιο είναι ασύγκριτο. Τι να ζηλέψω απ’ τα δύο; Εδώ απ’ τη δουλειά που είμαι η έλξη της ξάπλας είναι ακαταμάχητη!

  Στέλλα wrote @

Ο καλύτερος!!

Ξάπλα, ήλιος, βόλτες, υψηλή αισθητική (εντάξει, μείον τους διαφόρους…), κάνα φαί από τους φιλόζωους, έρωτες και παλιοπαρέες τις νύχτες και πολλά γαβγαβ…

Φυσιολογική ζωή δηλαδή στα αφύσικα.

  vasko wrote @

If my sight serves me well, the dog has a scar on its hind thigh and an infected wound(?) or stitches(?) on its front leg. This picture reminds me of another one circulating on the internet a few months ago: that of a starving dog in a gallery -instead of tending to it, people turned their backs and made tracks towards the high art.

For no particular reason, really…

  Στέλλα wrote @

OK, I did not notice the scars. However, I have to point out that there are several people who care for the stray dogs in the hills (Acropolis and West Hills). All dogs are vacinated and sterilized by the Municipality and are fed by the neighbours who also care for their health. Some of them know each single dog by his/her name and history (whether s/he arrived here or s/he was born here—very rare because of the regular sterilization expeditions by the Municipality, which dogs and places s/he prefers etc etc). So, my normal attitude to stray dogs in the hills is ‘lucky bastards’, just what I said in my comment above.

  Anonymous wrote @

I totally agree with you, Stella!
I am aware of the situation concerning the strays in the area and now, thanks to your post, so do the readers of this photoblog.
I was just attempting another reading of the picture -not necessarily the situation. No offence was meant towards your or Panagiotis’ beautiful posts, though, and I apologise if it seemed like I was attacking anyone!

  vasko wrote @

Sorry, the previous post was obviously mine…

  Στέλλα wrote @

Goodmorning Vasko. Sorry if I sounded offended, of course I was not.

Now, you know whom I saw this morning laying happily in the sun in front of the metro station of Acropolis? The doggie of the picture. Yeap, the same sir with his blue colar. He let me pat his head. There is a large scar on this thigh, completely healed, and otherwise he seems perfectly healthy and familiarised with people. Later, while crossing the National Garden I saw another dog, an Alsatian one, too skiny, nearly unable to walk. Unfortunately, your post depicts Athenian reality, the doggie of the picture is an exception.

Sorry for the many posts. And many pats to the doggie for the nice conversation he provoked.

  filopappou wrote @

Με ψέματα στο ΚΑΣ απόσπασαν τη γνωμοδότηση για το κλείσιμο του Φιλοπάππου.

Δείτε στο blog Φιλοπάππου

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