Acropolis, 30-10-2007 [Photo: F.I.].


  v4sk0 wrote @

My personal favourite, so far.
Scars on the watery surface.
Milky rock.
I can almost taste time.

  yannis1 wrote @

This is one of my favourite photos too. It is strange that for Vasko this evokes taste; for me it is tactility more than anything else…then again, taste is a form of touch taken to its logical conclusion…

From the point of view of the history of the site this also speaks of the relentless archaeological campaigns of clearing, and, of course, of purification…

  vasko wrote @

Since the first time that I saw the picture, I became fixated on the scars on its body. To me, they resemble whip-marks and remind me of Herodotus’ account of Xerxes whipping the sea in an attempt to punish and tame it; an act I consider as the epitome of our frustration as humans when we realise that, despite out advances, we cannot control nature. The Acropolis has seen many a ‘whipping’ throughout time in an attempt to be tamed. These scars, with the bloody, rusty tastes they evoke (to me at least), I consider as a reminder that, underneath the ‘civilisation’, the rock is but a product of nature, a landscape -something that we tend to forget when we see it as an individualized monument or a symbol. As such, it should be incorporated into the wider land- and cityscape.

My grandmother used the word ‘resurrection’ when referring to the upbringing of children. This, and the fact that the rock on the background has a liquid, milky texture, made me think of the monument’s use as the trophos of the nation; a surrogate mother whose milk keeps nourishing us (in multiple ways), but the taste of which we have forgotten and ‘monumentalised’. It is my opinion that, in order to proceed with our emancipation, we should, perhaps, overcome our Oedipal blindness and realise that it’s been the same milk that has been nourishing cultures since prehistory; and that it is the only constant through time. This project, I feel, is bringing us one step closer to this achievement, hence the statement that I can almost taste time.

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